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Executive Office Space and Virtual Offices in Chicago’s West Loop

For those seeking the finest in services and technology in a downtown business center, without the high cost and inconvenience of a high-rise office tower. Strategically located in the dynamic West Loop of Chicago, the Inspire Business Center was conceived and built specifically for people just like you.
Whether you need office space, a virtual office, a meeting room or collaborative work space, our facility provides everything you need to maximize your potential.

What's Going On?

First Ever

Janet suggested we get Glazed and Infused. We were looking for a special treat for our clients to go with the hot chocolate and the way she said it made it seem as though it would be worth the trip. As it turns out, it’s right in the neighborhood and I never even knew it was here.The seed was planted for the first ever 60607 Fest. It will take place May 30 at the Inspire BusinessCenter and as the name implies, it will be open only to residents of the 60607 zip code. There will be food, drinks, products, services and entertainment for the entire family free of charge, compliments of your friendly neighborhood establishments. Admission is free but there will be a limited number of tickets available.In just the short time since we began to organize the Fest I’ve discovered countless other fabulous businesses right in our very midst. I already knew about great new additions like Brooklyn Boulders and Cat and Mouse Games but didn’t even know there is a new Marriott just a few blocks from here. I began to think that maybe I just needed to get out more! The dynamic West Loop is really an amazing place these days. Walking around the neighborhood the last few weeks I’ve literally passed by dozens of businesses that weren’t there just a few years ago. It also occurred to me that there are thousands of new residents. The first ever 60607 Fest is definitely a great way to get to know one another.By, David Zazove.