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A Special Thank You

Growing up, our heroes were always people like Ernie Banks, Bobby Hull, Walter Payton and Michael Jordan. Then, on September 11, 2001, as thousands fled for their very lives, hundreds of courageous men and women were going in the opposite direction, running in through the gates of hell into the fiery inferno for the sole […]

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Best of Both Worlds

A New Kind of Burger Chain Headquartered in a New Kind of Office Space. Leave it to a classically trained chef to envision a different type of burger chain. That’s just what David Friedman did in 2008 when he founded Epic Burger. Starting with the first location at 517 South State in the south loop, […]

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The West West Loop

“Other side of the tracks” is an expression used to describe the stark differences that can exist between neighborhoods in close proximity but separated by an imaginary geographical barrier. This phenomenon has gradually come to fruition right here in our own backyard. Newsletters from places like the West Central Association and the West Loop Community […]

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